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Wounded Healers finds its genesis in the year 2009. Owing to the associates’ individual involvement in Christian ministry, they attract a lot of Christian clientele. 


At the time, we realized that part of our clientele was Christian ministers or their spouses who were suffering from various mental disorders. To them, this was a very perplexing journey that was riddled with many questions and stigma. As a result this interfered with the efficacy of their individual treatment interventions. Compounding this was the fact that they were able to reach out and effectively minister to the suffering in their ministries while they were suffering without respite. Hence the name Wounded Healers. They are in the business of bringing healing to the people while they themselves were wounded with no one to reach out to them.

Drawing from our expertise and sensing a call from God to reach to these wounded servants of God, Wounded Healers was birthed. A support group consisting of the sufferer and their spouse was launched. Each week the Lord spoke to the group through His word shared by the therapists at devotions which formed a rich basis for the day’s discussion.

The support group was however not meant to meet indefinitely. There was a point at which the therapists needed to let go of the group while still encouraging personal growth and group support. This led to the first Wounded Healers retreat held in 2010 at Mt. Olives Prayer Centre, Limuru.

The objectives of the retreat were to:

  • Have a time of healing in the presence of God;

  • Give group  members a longer time to bond ;

  • Enable participants to connect  with at least one person to walk with them ;

  • Give participants an opportunity to deal with issues that were specific to them i.e. not in combination with their spouse;

  • Launch the group out to continue with healing and connection minus the therapists.

The key word that the Lord gave for the retreat was JACOB LIMPS, YET HE IS BLESSED! This was based on Genesis chapters 32 and 33.


This word is the core message that Wounded Healers strives to take to those who are wounded and yet are engrossed in fulfilling God’s call in their lives.

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